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  Accountability + Support

Attend My Weekly Live Workshops

Every week I'll be holding a LIVE one hour online workshop for all Dream Habit Students! This is an incredible opportunity for you to ask me any questions you have about Dream Habit. It's also a chance to hear what other Dream Habit students have been struggling with (so you know you're not alone), to hear my answers to their questions and to learn from my dream habit experiences!

You can find all the details for the next workshop here!

Use The Dream Habit Tracker

One of my favourite ways to keep track of my dream habit is using my Dream Habit Tracker, which you can download at the beginning of the course. I like to print my Dream Habit Tracker and put it somewhere I'll see it everyday. I also love making it into a vision board by sticking inspiring photos to it or writing out inspiring quotes!

Use A Habit Tracking App

If you'd like to use an app to keep track of your dream habit and to stay accountable, I recommend the Productive Habits & Daily Goals Tracker if you have an iPhone and Habit Bull or the Loop Habit Tracker if you have an android device.

Create Your Own

If you have a favourite way of keeping yourself accountable, don't forget to use it!